Who? How? Why?


The market of online contextual advertisement placement has been ruled by “Google AdWords” for quite
some time now. But recently an even more personalized challenger, though having a smaller market
share – “Facebook ads” – has stepped up to the game. Both advertisement platforms work on similar
principles and both have enormous potential (especially in the global context). The question is,
which one to choose? Which is more effective, what are their differences and what strategies
should be employed in managing either?

We have decided to figure all of this out during a series of „Facebook ads“ VS „Google adwords“ posts.
Over the next couple of months we will be using „Google Analytics“ and other social media, analytics
and statistical tools and launch several small ad campaigns (both free and paid). We will document
our successes and failures, analyse, compare the campaigns and try to give useful bits of advice.

In our next post we will outline the exact goals and steps we will follow, post some statistics, history,
competitors and reviews and describe the main theories behind online advertisement platforms.

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