Soundport – Music together

weblogoThe team has successfully made it back from the “Garage48 2013 Tallinn Music” event back to Vilnius. Even though there were startup people from over 8 different countries there (one girl was from Australia, her team won the special Microsoft prize), we didn’t meet any other lithuanians there (except for just one girl, who wasn’t from our team).

As you can tell from the name, the main topic of the event was music. We managed to score a motivational award – one of the five invitations to come to the main “Tallinn Music Week” event in two weeks, to pitch our idea there and try to grab the attention from various representatives of the music industry.

There were all kinds of differents apps developed at the event: ranging from a very simple and graphically appealing “Tuning Fork” app to some really quirky games./br>
The app our team was working on was called “Soundport”. We managed to build a demo version of an app that lets you pick music in an egalitarian way. Have you ever been to a party where the music playlist ends up in several people fighting over who will play the next song off of youtube? Do you often dislike what music others put on for playing? “Soundport” is essentially a way to compromise and let several people control the playlist remotely at once.

First you create and give a name to your session (you can do this straight from your browser, on the pc that will play the music), add some tracks using the search field in the page, and then others can do the same (from their computers or phones, using the app).

Search for tracks, add them to the playlist and vote on others.

A demo version of the app already has this basic functionality. We plan to clean up the code and add some more features until the „Tallinn music week“ event. More on that later. The team gives power to the masses: with “Soundport” you can finally choose your music peacefully!



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