Going to Tallinn

garage48_tmw2013The event starts on friday. In the beginning, the entrepreneurs/visionaries present their ideas, around which the teams will later form. If an idea attracts attention and a suficcient number of developers and designers pledge to join, a team is formed and given the green light to work on that idea during the weekend. All teams are given 48 hours to complete their project, whether it is a mobile or a web application, a platform or a device. The goal for the team during those 48 hours is to complete at least a demo version of their imagined product. The results of their work are presented on sunday and the winners are announced.

This friday the team at Visual will hit the road over to our neighbours to have a great time at the event in Tallinn.

We will share our impressions on both the city of Tallinn and the event on social networks and gather some interesting bits of info for an article when we’re back.


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